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Marriage Certificates are on file in the town where you filed your intentions, not the town where you were married. Death Certificates are on file in the town the person was living in at the time of death, and also the town of death, if different. Unless the records were destroyed, they date back to the incorporation date of the town. Follow this link to determine what county a city or town is in. Are birthdates and dates of death available to you?

Where can I start looking for this information? How much do I need to know about my relatives before I begin this inquiry? If you know how to correctly prepare yourself before exploring the Massachusetts vital records, you will be more comfortable when it comes to conducting the search. You truly must scrutinize the data that you already have. Make sure you have the correct full name and any other significant details about your subject before doing further research.

A maiden name and place of residence can help you identify this relative in the expansive Massachusetts vital records. It is significant to inform you of the sometimes confusing information you can encounter in your advanced research. Remember: there can be many public records about one person. When you peruse the Massachusetts vital records, be aware that some information you discover can pertain to relatives of your subject.

An entry in the Massachusetts vital records can most definitely have secondary information to the evidence you need. A positive point to this eventuality is that you may be able to use the newly found data for your family tree or research project. Having so much information in front of you can be overwhelming. Someone who is involved in such a big project, like studying family lineage, can get sidetracked with supplementary material. District Court hears criminal, civil, housing, juvenile, mental health, and other types of cases.

The Housing Court has jurisdiction over civil and criminal matters involving the use of residential property and activities affecting such use.

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Northeast Housing Court - Lowell Session. Juvenile Court has general jurisdiction over delinquency, guardianship matters, and youthful offender cases. The Land Court has statewide jurisdiction over most real property matters, including registration of title as well as zoning and real estate tax lien cases. Probate and Family Court has jurisdiction over a wide range of family matters, probate proceedings, and general equity.

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The SJC is the Commonwealth's highest appellate court responsible for the general superintendence of the judiciary and of the bar, makes or approves rules for the operations of all the courts, and in certain instances, provides advisory opinions, upon request, to the Governor and Legislature on various legal issues. The Appeals Court considers all types of civil cases and all types of criminal cases except first degree murder appeals, which go directly to the Supreme Judicial Court.

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Housing Court. Juvenile Court. Land Court.

Probate and Family Court. Superior Court. Please call our office at to schedule an appointment for your child.

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