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Pretty Hannah explains how to Decode or Decipher a VIN Number

For instance, a Mustang built early in the run would have a lower consecutive unit number than one built later in the year. It can be confusing to tell the VIN number on classic cars like this, so a Mustang decoder comes in handy.

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For many years, people carried pocket VIN decoders around to identify Mustangs. The following are a few online decoders that will decipher just about any classic Mustang VIN and Data Plate you have:.

What 17 Numbers & Letters Can Tell You About Your Car

In the end, you'll feel a lot better about your purchase if you take the time to research the vehicle. With a little help from your trusty VIN decoder, you should be feeling confident about your purchase in no time at all.

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Jonathan Lamas is a seasoned automotive journalist. This is not necessarily the year it was built or first sold. The chart below shows that our example VIN plate belongs to a Cougar.

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The VIN's second digit identifies the plant at which the Cougar was manufactured. The next two VIN digits are the body series code. A through Cougar will have one of four numbers in this part of the VIN.

As you can see from the chart below, our example Cougar is an XR-7 Hardtop. The engine code follows the body series in the VIN. If you are putting an digit sequence into our VIN decoder, you are possibly using the wrong set of numbers.

How to Decode a Classic Mustang's VIN Data Plate

Either that, or your vehicle is more than thirty-six years old. Please ensure you are using the correct number before performing your search. There are a few exceptions in which a vehicle was sold in Canada but yet not marketed in the US, but this number of vehicle is so small that you would be exceedingly unfortunate to have purchased one. Unfortunately not. Classic Fords, which are more than thirty-six years old, do not feature the recognised digit VIN number implemented in , upon which our free Ford VIN decoder is based.

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Over the decades, Ford has used so many letter and number combinations, nothing will really stand out. Just use our free Ford VIN decoder to discover everything you need to know about the Ford Ranger you are looking to purchase.