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Home improvement contractor fraud: When a contractor does not do the work properly, or fails to do the work at all, and has been paid for the job, this is considered fraud. Identity theft: This occurs when someone steals your personal information like a credit card number, social security number, or bank account number with the intention of committing fraud.

Often, once the victim realizes what has happened, the damage is done. It is important to be vigilant about protecting yourself against identity theft.

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Insurance fraud: Insurance companies may say a claim is unwarranted or uncovered and will deny payment, particularly after a catastrophic event that would warrant a large sum of money. Investor fraud: Some examples of investor fraud include unauthorized trading, misrepresentations and omissions, and recommending poor investments. Lemon law cases: When you purchase a car that needs constant repairs or simply does not work, this is an example of consumer fraud.

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Mortgage foreclosure scams: This happens when clients have been coerced into mortgage modification schemes and other foreclosure prevention scams. Consumer fraud and class action lawsuits On occasion, an individual will file a lawsuit on behalf of him or herself and a larger group of people who have been the victim of the same or similar fraud. Who can bring a consumer fraud act claim? A merchant is any commercial concern which sells or vends goods or services to consumers, or other merchants including: Banks Contractors Businesses Franchisees or franchisors What damages are available under the NJ Consumer Fraud Act?

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    Daryl Zaslow went to bat for him. Daryl Zaslow went to bat for him and through his tireless efforts, his medical knowledge and his sincere concern for my son, Mr. An attorney or pro se party shall advise the court and all other parties of a change of address or telephone number if such occurs during the pendency of an action. If you do not know your attorney identification number, then simply type your first and last name in the NJ Attorney Index. This website should be used for informational purposes only.

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